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Directors and Commissioners have strategic role in successful implementation of good corporate governance. The crisis of 1997 brought valuable lessons for Indonesia as it has shown beyond any reasonable doubt fragility of economic structure and prevalence of irregular corporarte practices. However it is very encouraging that many companies have taken the initiative to reform themselves toward better governance.

To ensure business sustainability and to cope with International governance challenge, it is important that Directors and Commissioners are competent and empowered in order to efectively complete their responsibility. Based on that comprehension Lembaga Komisaris dan Direktur Indonesia – LKDI (Indonesian Institute for Commissioners and Directors) was established by the National Committee on Governance in 2000. It was founded byy notarial act of Notary Imas Fatimah, SH No.10 on July 6, 2001.

LKDI was aimed to enchance the quality of members who become the avant garde of corporate governance practices by providing networking opportunities and continous [rofessional education programs.


Improving professional qualifications, personal integrity, and social responsibility of Commissioners and Directors to benefit the individual, business, and society.


  • Improving the quality of Commissioners and Directors practices in implementing Good Corporate Governance.
  • Conducting Certified Chartered Member’s program for Commissioners and Directors.
  • Accredit institutions delivering continuing training and education programs on Good Corporate Governance for Commissioners and Directors.
  • Promoting public awareness of Good Corporate Governance.


Lembaga Komisaris dan Direksi Indonesia

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