Membership and Public Services

  • Provide networking opportunities among Institute members
  • Provide services and benefits to members
  • Enhance quality of members continuosly
  • Conduct continuing education programs on corporate governance

Accreditation of Education and Training Institutions

  • Develop syllabus on GCG courses \
  • Accredit institutions offering courses/subjects on GCG
  • Conduct certification program for members
  • Cooperate with leading universities and educational institutions
  • Cooperate with similar international institutions


  • Establish advocacy for member’s interests at both regional and national levels
  • Nurture good relations with relevant governmental institutions
  • Deliver support and consultation to members on cases related to corporate governance
  • Develop advocacy alliances with related professional associations internationally

Code of Conduct

  • Formulate a code of conduct for Commissioners and Directors and promote its adoption by the Indonesian business community.

Research and Publications

  • Conduct researches focusing on GCG practices.
  • Disseminate the results of the researches to members and the public through regular publications, library and web-site facilities.

Directorship Training
& Certification Program

Getting the right board in place and making sure it works effectivelly are fundamental for good corporate governance. Komite Nasional Kebijakan Governance (National Committee on Governance – NCG) Indonesia urges the importance and the urgency that corporations have such competent and skilled board, equipped with a strong internalization of GCG principles. To assure the same level of world class board platform, a well defined board training and certification deemed necessary to stimulate and accelerate the change process of GCG internalization at corporate level. In that light, LKDI offers a specific training and certification program leading to the creation of the well trained and certified directors and or commissioners.

For that purpose, a trough and rigorous program has been developed woth a well brencmarked syllabus to several international directors education and certification program. LKDI believes that such a program will provide benefits toward the realization of GCG in Indonesia.

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